Emergency Minister demands ice and winter roads closed in time to avoid casualties rss

03 April 2017 15:05
Emergency Minister demands ice and winter roads closed in time to avoid casualties

A conference call has been held today at the Emergency Ministry’s National Crisis Management Center to discuss flood and wildfire seasons.

Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov demanded that control should be tightened over ice and winter roads to avoid emergency situations.

The spring flood is unfolding in accordance with forecasts. 12 yards, 12 low-level bridges and a section of a motorway remain flooded in six regions of Central Federal District and in two regions of Volga Federal District.

“I am asking that all issues related to safety during floods considering the forecast, plans and schedules should be under strict control,” the Minister said.

He ordered head of the NCMC Viktor Yatsutsenko to make sure that all ice and winter roads were closed in time.

“Ensure strict control over closing ice and winter roads,” Mr. Puchkov said. “We have an early spring and not all heads in regions see the situation as it is.”

When discussing the wildfire season the Minister talked about holding those guilty of uncontrolled burning of dry grass responsible.

“It is high time we hold responsible certain heads who let those violations happen. I demand to know names of each property owner or tenant who let planned burning of dry grass evolve into a wildfire,” he said.

Mr. Puchkov ordered heads of Emergency Ministry’s territorial directorates and federal executive authorities to organize this work.

“It is absolutely intolerable when planned burning of dry grass is carried out with gross violations and cause predispositions to severe emergency situations,” he said.

According to current data, there are 26 wildfires burning in more than 2 thousand hectares without a threat to settlements or businesses. The worst-hit regions are Transbaikalian Territory and Amur Region.

A total fire ban was declared in areas of Maritime Territory and Irkutsk Region, in some parts of 8 regions, including Transbaikalian Territory – in 28 out of 35 municipalities.

Space monitoring is operating actively. “More than 9 thousand fires, a 2-time rise from the same period last year, were detected using the space monitoring system.”

Mr. Puchkov ordered the heads of the Emergency Ministry’s directorates to inform regional authorities about fires detected and to take swift response measures.