Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov meets members of United Russia party at State Duma rss

21 March 2017 18:15
Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov meets members of United Russia party at State Duma

Minister for Emergency Situations has held a meeting today at the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament with members of United Russia party to discuss assuring safety of people against possible emergency situations.

During the meeting the Minister answered questions on ensuring fire and water safety, training of firemen and rescuers to provide first medical aid in extreme situations and others.

Mr. Puchkov said that responders of the Emergency Ministry almost always get to an accident scene before other emergency services. The Emergency Ministry and the Health Ministry work together to extend the list of first medical care the responders can provide. This will allow rescuers acting efficiently during earthquakes, floods, in destroyed buildings, in difficult areas, when aid by medical personnel is impossible or delayed.

“It is rescuers of the Emergency Ministry who have to provide first aid to the injured before paramedics arrive, - said the Minister. – In addition, rescuers work in dangerous areas where medical workers are not allowed and often only workers of the Emergency Ministry are able to provide first aid. In 2016 alone, rescuers provided first aid to more than 61 thousand injured in road accidents.”

He also added that aerial rescue technologies are developing fast allowing evacuating the injured to hospitals while supporting their vitals. “To do that we have 6 planes and 36 helicopters fitted with medical modules. Last year we evacuated 739 people,” Mr. Puchkov said.

The Minister also spoke about fire safety and the work of inspectorates. The Emergency Ministry has moved onto new approaches to inspections and check-ups.

“We are introducing a risk-oriented approach to check-ups based on the potential risk class of facilities and areas. As a result we have considerably reduced the load on businesses by cancelling inspections of SME, - pointed out the Minister. – The number of check-ups planned by the Ministry in 2017 has been reduced by 35%.”

He continued by saying that the main element of inspectorates’ activity now is prevention.

“The principal aim of prevention is getting rid of reasons, factors and conditions contributing to the breach of compulsory requirements, and to blunt possible negative consequences of such breaches. Today, the Ministry actively participates in the prioritized program of the Government The Control and Inspection Reform,” concluded Mr. Puchkov.