Vladimir Puchkov: “Flood situation stable across the country” (video) rss

18 March 2017 10:40
Vladimir Puchkov: “Flood situation stable across the country” (video)

The Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has flown around the Central Federal District aboard of a Mil Mi-8 helicopter to monitor flood and fire situation.

He visited the Ryazan Region, where 2 low-level bridges were hit by flood: near the settlement of Shelemishevo in Skopin District, and the village of Butyrka in Starozhilovo District. Also, one section of a low-level motorway near the settlements of Korostovo and Zaokskoye got hit by a flood, but these settlements have bypass roads.

Vladimir Puchkov examined the boat crossing through the Pronya River in Starozhilovo District. The Minister personally made sure that the flood situation is being efficiently monitored via unmanned aerial vehicles. The Minister gave special attention to check how normal functioning of the society, keeping of law and order, medical and social services, fire safety is organized in the village of Butyrka, as well as met with the local residents. Local fire fighting garrison and volunteer firefighters protect the settlement against fires.

Local residents told the Minister that they are used to yearly floods and many of them plan ahead for that, for example, by taking vacations for the flood season. The residents also pointed out that the headman of the village resolves all matter, concerning floods in advance. During flood, people can use boat crossings if necessary. As volunteer organizations are actively developing in the area, Vladimir Puchkov was also told how volunteers help people in Starozhilovo District and use horse patrols during fire seasons.

The Minister Vladimir Puchkov ordered local authorities to organize rendering of aid to small remote settlements, as well as pointed out that it is necessary to design a new bridge.

“I take this matter under my personal control. All remote settlements must receive quality state services and necessary aid”, pointed out the Minister.

Vladimir Puchkov said that the flood situation is stable.

“The situation is currently stable, spring flood progresses according to forecasts”, said the Minister. According to him, floods already ended in the south of Russia and now they progress in the central part of the country.

“As a result of floods, several low-level bridges in the settlements got hit by floods, thus cutting these settlements off from the mainland”, said Vladimir Puchkov. He also added, that the flood mitigation group is being reinforced, as floods didn’t start yet in the Urals, Northwest, Siberia and Far East.

Vladimir Puchkov also met with the volunteer fire fighting brigade of the District and examined their equipment. Special attention of the Minister was drawn by a fire fighting trailer, which can be attached to any vehicle, even to a passenger car. This trailer allows firefighters to engage into fire fighting immediately and combat fire until  fire engines arrive. The trailer, which was already used numerous times, is rigged with necessary equipment, a motorized pump and a water tank.


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