Vladimir Puchkov congratulates women workers of Emergency Ministry’s CEPA on 8 March rss

07 March 2017 13:30
Vladimir Puchkov congratulates women workers of Emergency Ministry’s CEPA on 8 March

Vladimir Puchkov has congratulated on the coming International Women’s Day women of the Emergency Ministry’s Center for Emergency Psychological Aid (CEPA) headed by Yulia Shoigu.

The Minister noted that CEPA both in the capital and in regions handles the most difficult task.

“We are working under extreme conditions and the most difficult in our profession is to be constantly ready and to expect troubles or problems which we have to prevent,” Mr. Puchkov said.

He said that prevention and management of risks is the most important activity of the Ministry, but another important area is building and implementing the state policy in civil defense, human protection, fire and water safety. No less important mission is inside motivation of the staff: firemen, rescuers, all specialists tackling complicated tasks.

“Constant readiness to respond to disasters requires no only solid theoretical knowledge and practical skills, but inside motivation, moral preparedness to endure hardships, rough time, problems which accompany our tasks. Constant expectation and readiness are no less psychologically stressful for people,” the Minister added.

He pointed out the importance of professional activities of CEPA specialists: “The work done by psychologists is a very thin line. At the very beginning when a person comes to applie for a job or to get into university, training center, federal fire service’s station we need to scrutinize his psychological portrait and potential abilities as it often happens that a person, especially a young one, does not know themselves, is not able to assess his qualities, prospects of work, skills, the ability to work and live in a team and to handle the tasks the Emergency Ministry deals with. It is psychologists who help to adjust this delicate tool and direct a person who comes to us.”

A vital element of the Emergency Ministry’s activity is the skill to work and even to live in a team, and this makes psychologists’ role and missions even more important. Candidates are of different age, have different training level, temperament, views and family status. The Minister said that an important part today is religion and teams have to consider it. It is also relevant to guide the team regarding modern excessive flow of information so the role of a psychologist is becoming ever more important.

Mr. Puchkov congratulated the women of CEPA on the International Women’s Day and said: “8 March is a good reason for us, men, to remember that spring has come though the weather is still severe. If there is no sun in the sky, may your beloved men: husbands, brothers, boyfriends and grandfathers give it to you. We love you. Positive energy going from women lets men fulfill themselves. And notwithstanding that our close-knit team has 290 thousand people, 20 thousand of them are women. It seems not too many, but nobody can do the work done by the women of our tough men team. Those 20 thousand women do more than all the rest. It is important for us to feel your care, your aspiration for the better and of course your beauty. As the saying goes: beauty will save the world, and you, the women of CEPA, are the beauty of the Emergency Ministry.”

For high level of professionalism and selflessness displayed in providing psychological aid and in honor of the International Women’s Day the Minister awarded Emergency Ministry’s medals and letters of commendations to Ms. Shoigu and seven other employees of CEPA.

Ms. Shoigu thanked the Minister for congratulations and appreciation of psychologists’ work.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of our team for you attention to us, for such a high praise of our work, for wonderful flowers and kind words,” Ms. Shoigu said.