Almost 14 thousand rescuers make up Emergency Ministry’s airmobile team rss

06 March 2017 14:18
Almost 14 thousand rescuers make up Emergency Ministry’s airmobile team

Minister for Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov has held a themed conference call today at the National Crisis Management Center to discuss preparedness of the Ministry’s airmobile team and forces of the Single State Disaster Management System (SSDMS) to respond to massive disasters and fires.

According to head of the Crisis Management Center Viktor Yatsutsenko, there is a threat of flooding in Southern, Central, Northwestern and Far Eastern Federal Districts. “As of today we have stepped into the active phase of the first stage of spring flooding. As the average daily temperature grew higher 15-20 days earlier, there is a risk that water levels will got up in rivers in Southern, Central, Northwestern and Far Eastern Federal Districts,” he said.

The Minister demanded that each household affected by flooding should get help, and set a task to carry out all flood management activities.

The main topic on the agenda was the preparedness of the Emergency Ministry’s airmobile team and the forces of the SSDMS to respond to massive disasters and fires.

“Considering that the airmobile team work under complicated weather conditions, I am asking respective services to hand down recommendations of technical maintenance and preparedness support of the equipment, gears and tools. We must be ready to work in any weather,” Mr. Puchkov said.

The Emergency Ministry’s airmobile team has more than 13,500 employees. It can be deployed to respond to any massive disasters or fires, while its forces and facilities are designed to manage six main kinds of disasters: floods, natural fires, massive toad accidents, structure collapse, man-caused fires, and disasters connected with chemical, bacteriological and radiation contamination.

77 flight crews were trained to use a remote-control ice-breaking helicopter system with a fuselage fuse handler. In addition, 55 aircraft are ready to deal with natural and man-caused fires – 4 Ilyushin Il-76 planes, 7 Beriyev Be-200ChS planes, and 53 helicopters^ 38 Mil Mi-8, 10 Kamov Ka-32 and 5 Mil Mi-26.

Mr. Puchkov also ordered that the Emergency Ministry’s Civil Defense Academy should revise its training and retraining program for personnel employed by airmobile teams, including those studying by a correspondence course and demanded that each unit should have paratroopers in them by the end of the year.

“Paratroopers should be present in each division by the end of the year. I am asking the leader center to join this work and provide guidance in it,” Mr. Puchkov said.

The airmobile team gets cutting-edge equipment each year, this way in 2014, it got 38 units of main and special equipment, in 2015 7 units of special equipment and more than 90 units of rescue equipment, including 8 thermal imagers, in 2016, Special fire and rescue divisions got 8 units of main equipment and 118 units of motor and all-terrain vehicles (60 quads and 58 snow mobiles), as well as more than 50 UAVs. In 2015-2016, response units got 138 vehicles and special machines, 329 sets of hydraulic rescue tools, 80 sets of protection means for bomb disposal operations, 77 radio-metal locators.

In the conclusion the Minister insisted that all senior officials should base their operations on weather forecasts provided by the Russian Weather Service and ordered the constituent territories of Russia practice cooperation between them during response to massive disasters, especially across-the-border ones.