Message of Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov on World Civil Defense Day rss

01 March 2017 08:07
Message of Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov on World Civil Defense Day

Deal colleagues!

The World Civil Defense Day has been celebrated on 1 March each year since 1972. This is the holiday dedicated to the day when the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) got an intergovernmental status.

Today’s civil defense of the Russian Federation is a powerful system which includes great material, technical and human potential intended on protection of the state and its citizens against natural and man-caused threats.

In modern conditions civil defense activities are becoming more and more needed, socially-oriented and directed at ensuring life safety of the public.

Complicated international situation, growing number of natural and man-cause disasters make civil defense not only maintain its current potential, but constantly improve and respond efficiently to ever widening range of threats.

The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations is building new approaches to organizing and running civil defense.

Those approaches are implemented in The Basics of the RF State Policy on Civil Defense until 2030 approved by a Presidential Decree. One of the priorities of the Basics is development of international cooperation in the area of civil defense.

The Russian Emergency Ministry keeps on stepping up its efforts for greater international cooperation in disaster management, implementation of international development assistance projects, improvement of civil protection systems at regional, international and global levels.

Civil defense of the Russian Federation is an advanced detachment responding to emergency situations, ensuring safety of citizens and the country. In 2016, the Emergency Ministry went on implementing international development assistance projects in a number of countries, including Tunisia, Jordan, Cameroon, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Serbia.

The result of this comprehensive work is saved human lives, reduced number of those affected by disasters across the world, higher disaster resilience by means of better disaster management systems.

I sincerely congratulate all the veterans and the team of the Russian Emergency Ministry on the World Civil Defense Day!

I thank all those who devoted their lives to serving the noble cause of civil defense and protection of people against disasters.

Achievements and potential of the Emergency Ministry are in the first place the credit of the Ministry’s close-knit and professional team, its employees and veterans.

May our joint coherent work, selflessness, courage and professionalism serve to improve civil defense system, the international image of the Emergency Ministry as a highly-qualified rescue service.