Vladimir Puchkov on working trip in Central Federal District rss

10 February 2017 10:22
Vladimir Puchkov on working trip in Central Federal District

Minister for Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov is on working meeting in Ryazan and Vladimir Regions.

Key issues on the Minister’s agenda are checking readiness of forces and facilities of territorial subsystems of the Single State Disaster Management System in Vladimir and Ryazan Regions to respond to emergency situations in winter, organizing operation of an ice road and preparing for wildfire season.

During the working trip, Mr. Puchkov is going to hold joint on-side meetings of working groups of the Governmental Disaster Management and Fire Safety Commission.

The Minister will also inspect the operation of a mobile warming center on the most accident-prone section of M5 Ural federal motorway in Rybnoye District, Ryazan Region and organizing the operation of an ice road on the Oka river.

Vladimir Region is an area least prone to emergency situations caused by spring floods while having a high risk of wildfires as considerable part of the region occupied by forests and peat bogs.

In all, there are 189 settlements, 10 businesses, 66 gardening non-commercial associations and 30 summer camps in Vladimir Region located in the zone affected by wildfires.

Special control over prevention of wildfires is in place in Meshchera national park. In 2010, the park was plagued by wildfires which razed a lot of hectares of forests.

Since then the park has been provided with cutting-edge equipment to fight forest fires.

In 2016, the number of wildfires fell by 33.9% and was 35, while the areas of wildfires shrank by 25.4%.