Business breakfast in Rossiyskaya gazeta rss

09 February 2017 16:18
Business breakfast in Rossiyskaya gazeta

Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov has attended today a “business breakfast” in Rossiyskaya gazeta. The Minister told correspondents about main results of the past year and plans for 2017.

Speaking about the past year, he said that thanks to professional and efficient work of all sections and subsystems of the Single State Disaster Management System (SSDMS) it was possible to deal with all dangers and threats. Large-scale preventive efforts made in all areas held off possible emergency situations and minimized risks.

In 2016, managing bodies and forces of the SSDMS responded to 299 emergency situations and more than 3,700 accidents. SSDMS forces rescued more than 237 thousand people.

Mr. Puchkov pointed out that the SSDMS which includes all agencies, services and organizations that ensure safety of people in the Russian Federation, as well as heads of regions, will sum up its activity and name the best heads of regions on 15 February 2017.

“The Single State Disaster Management System has once again proven that it is a powerful and smoothly running mechanism of response to threats and dangers on the federal and regional levels,” Mr. Puchkov said.

He also said about a forecast of risks in 2017 made by the Antistikhiya Center. Having that information the newspaper plans not only inform its readers on possible emergency situations, but to teach them what to do in such cases.

The Minister gave a detailed account about how regions were getting ready for spring floods and what was being done to get through wildfire season. The interesting and circumstantial conversation between the Minister and correspondents also dealt with the year 2017 – The Civil Defense Year and further plans. They also discussed development of the Ministry, its international activities and a lot of other matters.

Mr. Puchkov answered the questions of correspondents and readers of the newspaper coming from across Russia.

The interview with the Minister will be published in the next issue of the newspaper.