Russian Emergencies Ministry continues fire fighting operation in Chile rss

04 February 2017 09:35
Russian Emergencies Ministry continues fire fighting operation in Chile

The Russian Emergencies Ministry a continues fire fighting operation in southern regions of Chile by the order of the Russian Government and in accordance with the request, made by Chilean Government. Over the past 24 hours the Ilyushin Il-76 plane made two flights and dumped more than 80,000 liters of water in 4 runs.

The Emergencies Ministry’s plane is rigged with aerial water dumping device (VAP-2) and is capable of dumping of more than 42 tons of water. Thanks to professionalism of the crew, fire spreading towards the settlement of Navidad with the population of 5,400 people was prevented. Additionally, a wildfire was taken under control in rough terrain near Talami.

In turn, the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s National Crisis Management Center monitors fire situation in Chile via satellites. This allows determining the cause of fire, its coordinates and imitating its further spread, considering nearby settlements and terrain. Satellite images, development imitation and other urgent information is passed to the reaction group of the Emergencies Ministry and the NationalCenter for Coordination of Fire Fighting, attached to the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile.

Wildfires blaze in Chile from the start of the year. Due to wildfires, caused by a heat wave and strong winds, emergency situation was announced in 7 constituent territories of Chile. According to the National Emergency Bureau of the Ministry of the Interior, 131 fire sources on the square of 350,000 hectares are currently active in Chile.

Thanks to Russian Emergencies Ministry’s aircraft, fire spreading was prevented to 6 settlements: Portosuello, Navidad, Concepción, San Javier, San Juan and Talami with the total population of 56,150 people. Since the beginning of the operation, the Il-76 plane carried out 15 flights, dumped more than 630,000 liters of water in 28 runs.