This busy winter time or Moscow fire safety preparations for New Year and Christmas holidays

09 December 2013 15:07
Yuri Besedin
Deputy Chief of the Moscow Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry
This busy winter time or Moscow fire safety preparations for New Year and Christmas holidays

For most Russians, the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays are the time of winter fun, colorful fireworks and nationwide celebrations, but for emergency workers and employees of many other services, it is a busy period. Colonel of Internal Service, Deputy Chief of the Moscow Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Yuri Besedin told about the preparations aimed at ensuring fire safety in the capital during this period.


- New Year holidays are approaching. This is really a busy period and a check of the efficiency of our service at fire prevention and response. Speaking of statistics, 621 fires occurred in January 2013, and in 2012 their number was 722.


In my opinion, this reduction in the number of fires, first and foremost, is a consequence of enhanced, focused collaboration between our service and municipal authorities.


A meeting of the Commission for Disaster Management and Fire Safety, which addressed the issue of fire safety during the New Year's holidays, has taken place. Specific targets have been set to all city services.


Capital usually has a lot of visitors in January. Children will come from different regions to spend their New Year's holidays; a huge number of facilities - stadiums, children’s art centers, urban parks and squares, theaters and all educational institutions - will host festive events.


Our main goal is to provide a safe meeting for all visitors at railway stations and airports and their living in Moscow. By the way, this year a very interesting and spectacular table top sale event "Journey to Christmas" will be held in the capital. 32 sites have already been planned throughout the city, in which wooden structures for trade will be located. Safety compliance inspections will be carried out everywhere.


- Fireworks may bring additional hazards during New Year holidays. What is the statistics of accidents associated with them? What preventive measures are taken?


- Indeed, in the New Year holidays, the number of incidents involving fireworks increases. So, this year, their number was 47. Unfortunately, negative growth dynamics has been remaining over the past three years. There were 27 accidents in 2011, 29 – in 2012. But at the same time, I would like to note that no deaths have been registered.


Today the fireworks market has become much more civilized. Since 2009, almost all the requirements for the sale, use and storage of pyrotechnic products have been defined by the RF Government Decree "Fire safety requirements for the sale and use of fireworks ".


Currently, in accordance with the instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation, fire safety inspections have been organized at fireworks storage and sale facilities.


One of the tasks of supervisory bodies of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is combating trade in illegal and uncertified products. Incidentally, the number of such sales points has declined significantly in Moscow. Now rather stringent measures and penalties are being applied to entrepreneurs that make it unprofitable for them to sell illegally certified goods. We are working closely with the Interior Ministry. If the audit reveals such violations, all products are seized, and fines may reach 300,000 rubles.


Today, as a rule, fireworks are sold in large shopping centers, self-service stores, where there are assistants.


An instruction should be provided with the product, and it should be studied carefully before using.


Let me remind you that the sale of pyrotechnic products is prohibited in homes, at under crossings, railway stations, in vehicles and underground structures.


We are now conducting raids at fireworks retail outlets together with representatives of the Interior Ministry and the executive authorities. In the nearest time, we are going to check public sites for the use of consumer fireworks, which will be organized in each district.


- Mr. Besedin, where and how should citizens store the fireworks, which they have purchased for the future New Year celebrations?


- Fireworks should be stored in the shopping package. Do not store these products in a wet or dry environment with very high temperatures (over 30 ° C) and in the vicinity of flammable materials and substances, as well as near a heater.


Do not put fireworks in your pocket and do not carry them in the car. It is important to keep them out of the reach of children. I would like to note that in the cold season, it is desirable to store fireworks in a heated room, because due to temperature changes, they can dampen. All the necessary information about the storage and use of fireworks can be found on the packaging of the product.


- What are the sites where it will be allowed to launch fireworks?


- Urban Prefectures, including the territory of New Moscow. Sites where it is safe to launch fireworks will be determined by December 10. Their addresses will be published on the websites of the Moscow Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Prefectures, on bulletin boards in housing maintenance companies, information leaflets will be placed at the entrances of apartment buildings, distributed in schools, etc.


In the pre-holiday days, briefings will be held with concierges, senior tenants, the chairmen of the Homeowners Associations. All fireworks launch sites will be provided with information boards and fire extinguishing equipment, and specially appointed experts watching will be organized.


We hope that through the joint efforts of all city services, Moscow residents and visitors, New Year holidays will be fun and, most importantly, without incidents.