Statistics of emergencies in the Russian Federation in 2008

Statistical data on emergencies in 2008

2 154 emergencies, including 0 federal, 2 trans-regional, 12 regional, 47 inter-municipal, 159 municipal, 1 935 local took place on the territory of the Russian Federation. As a result, 4 491 people perished and 3 756 people were injured.

The lives of more than 3 000 people were rescued due to the efforts of the rescuers EMERCOM of Russia.

The highest number of emergencies is in the Volga Federal District (475) and in Siberian Federal District (412).

The rate of emergencies according to emergency types. In the year 2008, 1 966 emergencies of technogenic character occurred, which resulted in the deaths of 4 455 people and injure of 2 176 people. There were 152 emergencies of natural character where 21 people perished and 1 249 people were injured. The total of biology-social emergencies in the year 2008 reached the number of 36, as a result of which 292 people were injured and 5 people perished.