Center of emergency psychological aid of Russian Emergencies Ministry


The Center for Emergency Psychological Aid of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was established on September 17, 1999. It is a certified search and rescue organization and is a leading research and practice center in the field of emergency situations psychology.

Three major tasks are set to the Center:

- Rendering of emergency psychological aid to people, hit by emergency situations;

- Psychological follow-through of activities performed by specialists of the Emergencies Ministry;

- Scientific activities and management of the psychological service of the Emergencies Ministry.

The psychological service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry comprises over 800 specialists all over Russia – including employees of the Center and its 7 branches, qualified psychologists in territorial bodies, firefighting, rescue and military units, education establishments and institutions under the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

The Center for Emergency Psychological Aid is constantly conducts research and practice as well as scientific activities in the field of extreme situations psychology. Employees of the Center actively share experience with their Russian and foreign colleagues, participate in international drills, scientific conferences, round tables and symposiums.   



vcerm111.jpg «Center for Emergency Psychological Aid of the Russian Emergencies Ministry» is headed by PhD of Psychology Julia Shoygu since 2002.
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Areas of activities

Provision of emergency psychological help to victims in emergency situations

Provision of emergency psychological help to citizens in emergency situations is a function of Russian Emergencies Ministry, consolidated by the Order of the President of the Russian Federation.

The main tasks of psychologists participating in mitigation of severe disasters and catastrophes is to decrease the intensity of acute stress reactions of victims, optimization of their current mental state, mitigation of negative mass reaction risk (panic, aggression, rumors), and information-psychological work with victims and their relatives.

Provision of emergency psychological aid is carried out during evacuation of victims, in temporary settlements, during the course of mass and funeral events, including the body identification procedure.

Emergency psychological aid is comparable with emergency medical aid – the sooner it is provided, the better is the chance for victims to keep their mental sanity and return to normal life. That is why psychologists of the Russian Emergencies Ministry get to emergency areas simultaneously with all operative services and work day-and-night until the work on mitigation of the emergency situation is over.

Over the passed years, the psychologists of the Russian Emergencies Ministry have provided help to victims of over 70 large-scale federal emergency situations and participated in 17 international humanitarian operations.

Psychologists of the Emergencies Ministry on daily basis accompany rescuers at fire events, car accidents, building collapses and other emergency situations happening in Russia.

Psychological follow-up of activities performed by specialists of Russian Emergencies Ministry

Center for Emergency Psychological Aid of the the Russian Emergencies Ministry fulfils big variety of tasks on psychological follow-up of activitiesy performed by specialists of the Russian Emergencies Ministry: rescue specialists, firefighters, doctors, divers, aircraft pilots and other specialists. Such variety of activities includes the system for professional psychodiagnostic supervision (occupational psychological selection, dynamic supervision of the Ministry’s employees mental state, social and psychological research in teams and etc), psychological training, correction and restoration of mental state, resolving of problems, appearing in relation with professional duties.