Paramilitary Mine Rescue Units

  • Forces and equipment

    The Paramilitary Mine Rescue Divisions of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia (hereinafter the PMRD) are situated in 32 regions of the Russian Federation and structurally consist of 18 Paramilitary Mine Rescue Units (hereinafter the PMRU), which include 48 Paramilitary Mine Rescue Platoons (hereinafter the PMRP) and 15 Paramilitary Mine Rescue Control Posts (hereinafter the PMRCP), 313 mine rescue with special equipment. 10 Emergency Response Medical Brigades (hereinafter the ERMB) render medical aid to the injured employees of the facilities. The PMRD also includes 32 check-test laboratories that carry out the analysis of the air from the mine, water and materials used in rescue and recovery operations, as well as 8 services for depression survey that carry out thermal survey in underground facilities.

  • History of the PMRD

    The history of formation and development of the system of paramilitary divisions