Explosion in Dzerzhinsky district in Volgograd

30 December 2013 09:33

About 08:30 AM, Moscow time, 30.12.2013, an explosion happened on a trolleybus at the stop of Kachinsky market in Dzerzhinsky district in the city of Volgograd. There are injured people, the information is being specified. The total number of forces and equipment involved in response operation is 450 people and over 120 units of equipment, including 200 people and 30 units of equipment of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. The aircrafts of the Russian Emergencies Ministry are ready to evacuate the injured to Moscow hospitals.

Psychologists are providing emergency psychological aid, the hotline continue to work at: the Center for Emergency Psychological Aid 8(800)775-17-17, the Main Office of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in Volgograd Region - (8442)23-03-18, (8442)23-02-82, (8442)23-07-73